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  • Metatrader 4 platform
  • PC Only


Disclaimer: FX Tools or the author of the software is in no way to be held liable for any losses incurred through its use. Play it safe and practice on a demo account first.

Shuriken - MT4 Expert Advisor

Shuriken EA is a Strategy Generator, Optimizer, Trading Robot and Trade Monitor in one. It offers a completely new and efficient way to develop profitable super-strategies and monitor the trading results live. Shuriken scans for the most profitable candlestick patterns using sophisticated algorithms to identify trend and price action triggers.

How it works...
Shuriken trades candlestick patterns, therefore it’s trading price action directly without the use of any indicators. Using the inbuilt strategy generator, the best candlestick patterns can be found for your intended chart and timeframe by way of optimization in Strategy Tester. Once a profitable strategy is discovered it can then be stored in one of the strategy slots as a number sequence, looking something like “3,0,0,1,0,1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0”.

Up to 10 of these strategies can be stored at once, meaning that one instance of Shuriken can trade up to 10 strategies simultaneously. Any number of instances of the EA can be trading on different charts and timeframes.

Creating a super-strategy with Shuriken is as easy as...

Step 1. Optimize the Strategy Generator settings in Tester.
Step 2. Input the 10 most profitable strategies in the strategy slots.
Step 3. Run additional optimizations of the other settings if desired.
Step 4. Save preset.

You’re presets can then be loaded for trading in seperate instances of Shuriken using different magic numbers, the live results are monitored on the chart display for reference.
Click to enlarge Trade monitor
Click to enlarge Super-Strategy example
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Shuriken Expert Advisor

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