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  • PC Only


Disclaimer: FX Tools or the author of the software is in no way to be held liable for any losses incurred through its use. Play it safe and practice on a demo account first.

Levels RMS - Expert Advisor

Levels Risk Management System provides an easier way to manage your trades and reach your target goals faster. Create a percentage-based Risk model and implement it effortlessly with our automated background system to smooth your equity curve and protect your account from big losses. Trade more easily using horizontal lines to place stealth and pending orders or reposition stop levels. Pending orders are dynamically adjusted to match your risk model. Custom strategies can also be imported via a plugin script. Practice trading strategies and hone your entry skills using Strategy Tester. Fast track your way to trading success!

Professional Risk management... automated.
Levels RMS is a background risk management tool to complement and assist with manual or automated trading, with additional features that allow for a new and easier way to trade forex safely.

Use as an indicator or expert advisor to create and manage an accurate risk model for safeguarding your account and smoothing your equity curve. Unlike the money management algorithms found in most experts, Levels RMS gives you exact percentage-based control over your profits & losses and helps manage your open and pending orders automatically. Say goodbye to margin calls and big losses forever.

Simply trade with pending orders as you normally would or by using trendlines or horizontal lines and Levels RMS will calculate your position size and stop levels aswell as adjusting pending orders dynamically before they are executed. By thinking in terms of 'levels' or compounded stages required to reach your target, a systematic approach can be taken to fast-track your portfolio. Using this approach with high leverage it's possible to turn $100 into $1,000,000 in as little as 23 small trades!

IMPORTANT: Levels RMS should be used with accounts that allow trading of micro-lot increments (0.01 Lots) for greatest accuracy.

* To download the manual click here...
  • Accurate risk management
  • ECN/STP compatible
  • Stealth order placement
  • Stealth equity stops
  • Automated plugin script
  • History training / Backtesting
  • Sound alerts

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