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Free weekly FX trading signals - Updated (Sunday 23.12.12)

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FX Reactor Signals for the coming week (24.12.12 - 28.12.12)

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We'll be trading retracements on the following trending pairs this week: NZDUSD, NZDJPY, AUDUSD. These were the top movers over the past week and are due for a retracement during the next few days. Trades should be executed early Monday when markets open.

NZDUSD - SELL @ 0.82650
TP: 0.82000 (65 pips)
SL: 0.83300 (65 pips)

NZDJPY - SELL @ 69.650
TP: 68.650 (100 pips)
SL: 70.650 (100 pips)

AUDUSD - SELL @ 1.04350
TP: 1.03700 (65 pips)
SL: 1.05000 (65 pips)

* ETA - 1 to 3 days
NOTE: FX Reactor is normally used for trend-following, but can also give the best pairs to trade reversals or retracements if the trend is exhausted. For our weekly signals, we have adjusted the currency strength meter to calculate 5 days (trading week) instead of the default of 2 (CurrencyStrengthDays setting). DIF is the % difference between base and quote currency strengths. RTCE is the current pip retracement from the high/low of the trend. SP is the current spread in pips. * ETA = Expected Time of Arrival.