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Customer Feedback

These are some of the testimonials received by our customers. Send your feedback to admin@fxtools.info

Shuriken EA _________________________________________________________

"Thank you!!

I never thought that Shuriken Lite would be anything special, but it helps me a lot setting up and trying new strategies especially with many orders in  a day.
It used to be extremely time consuming saving reports , exporting to and converting in Excel.

Your software makes my day! Everyday!!"

Håkan A.

Levels RMS _________________________________________________________

"I've already been using your tool and have had a huge improvement in my trading. I set it and forget it and have nothing to stress about. Initially, with a 1 % risk, I felt uneasy opening large positions (because I used to trade fixed mini lots). But, once, some profits started coming in, i can see the losses are lesser.
This is such a great tool. Great peace of mind at at a very fair price. I wish you all the best -- hope you have more cool and innovative tools coming up."

Shriram K.

MT4 ProTrader _______________________________________________________

"Good morning Admin,
First of all, I would like to say thanks. I have anticipated this release for quite some time and I think its great. On the plus side, I have always looked for an “ea” like this with very comprehensive settings and configurations. I will congratulate you on the moving SAR stop loss. This in itself is a total gem!

Again, thank you for a great EA."

Dan B.

A message from one of our beta testers...

"Yes, we are trying to see if there is anything wrong with the meter to fix, etc, but this email is just to tell you how great it is. It really works well and is consistent in it's indications. The latency is set to 100 and its nice and responsive.

I'll try hard to see if I can find anything to complain about, but don't hold your breath :-)"

Andre K.

Chaos Trader ________________________________________________________

"Thanks, your tool is a hidden gem that I have now incorporated into my system.(and i rarely go live with anything new but did alot of backtesting with my system and am very pleased).there is a lot of junk out there but your tool allows me to get a second level of signal for the way I play the market.

Like anything, it is not magic, but I like systems that require an application of "art" with the science..

really slick job
Thanks again"

Mark Q.
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